Business Services & Consulting

Business Services & Consulting

Business Services & ConsultingBusiness Services & ConsultingBusiness Services & Consulting

We step in so you can Step Up!

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What can you achieve with more time to work on your craft?

Our Experience

With over 40 years of combined experience and education in Business Administration, Marketing, HR, and Operations, Step Up Services Group offers an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop for Business Development, Business Services, and Business Consulting to help build or grow your business, so you can get down to business. 

SUSG's Mission

To enable all businesses to see and reach their goals through listening, empathy, humor, and a human touch. We step in to empower businesses and individuals to Step Up!

Why Us?


Made in the U.S.A with Midwest rates. We take an empathetic and human-touch approach to all business needs and issues and are 100% Women-Owned. 

We are a remote company that can provide services throughout the U.S., no matter where clients are located.  We provide one source for all your outsourcing needs. 

When we partner with a client, our goal is to see our client and their organization succeed!

We step in so you can Step up your business.

SUSG's Best Practices

  1. Always assume the best.
  2. Always give the human touch.
  3. Always deliver on time.
  4. Always deliver the best service.
  5. Work where, when, and how you’re happiest.
  6. Maintain empathy for each other and clients.
  7. Honesty and transparency. Even when it’s tough.
  8. Work hard and play hard.
  9. Step in so we can step up!
  10. Always be networking!