SUSG Packages and Rates



Our packages are offered via retainer paid in advance of work to be completed. Packages offer savings in comparison to our hourly rates and let our clients (YOU) know exactly what to expect. 

We believe in transparency and do not believe in surprise fees, but keep in mind some fees may come up (filing fees, etc.) are beyond our control. Wherever we expect additional fees, we call them out in our rates breakdown. Once the retainer hours are used up, our rates are billed weekly at $100 per hour.  

We do work with ALL budgets. Please reach out to us at for Small Business and Startup quotes. 

Introductory Rates for 2019

These are our introductory rates, take advantage of our lower rates now!

Non-retainer Rate: $100/ hour, minimum of five (5) hours and includes an up to two (2) hour consultation either via video chat, email, phone call, or in-person (local only). 

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Business Startup Package $3,000 (includes 40 hours)

  • Business Document Package
  • Social Media Package
  • Marketing set up
  • Incorporation (filing fees not included)
  • Website set up (domain registration and other non-SUSG fees not included)
  • Logo creation
  • Contract creation
  • Customized Solutions

Recruitment Package $6,000 (includes 75 hours)

  •  Job description
  • Job board posting (job board listing fees not included)
  • Outreach to potential applicants 
  • Each application personally vetted
  • Personal follow-up with every applicant
  • Create applicant database for future use
  • First contact with passable applicants (a phone call or email to set up a quick interview to further vet applicants)
  • Schedule interviews for Partner
  • Consult with Partner on applicants
  • Reference checks
  • Create offer package for new hire

Social Media Package $1,500 (includes 18 hours)

  • Set up social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat
  • Create social media posts and calendar for 60 days
  • Consult on message and branding

Marketing Package $10,000 (includes 150 hours)

  • Social media package (see above)
  • Business Documents Package
  • Logo creation
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand development 
  • Template creation for business documents
  • Campaign creation
  • Blog posts
  • Paid promoted ads via social media (ad fees not included)
  • Swag design and ordering (cost for swag not included)
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns
  • Event placement (see Event Planning)
  • Organic marketing 
  • Business cards design and ordering (cost to print and shipping not included)