Recruiting & HR/People Operations

SUSG will step in so you can Step Up!

Is your business ready to hire its first employees? Or more employees? Recruitments and Human Resources is very time consuming and we know you have mother pressing work to do! We will take care of you and your employees with a human touch!

Full-Cycle Recruiting


  • Job description
  • Job board posting (job board listing fees not included)
  • Outreach to potential applicants 
  • Each application personally vetted
  • Follow up with every applicant
  • Create applicant database for future use
  • First contact with passable applicants (a phone call or email to set up a quick interview to further vet applicants)
  • Schedule interviews for Partner
  • Consult with partner on applicants
  • Reference checks
  • Create offer package for new hire

Human Resources / People Operations


  • Onboarding 
  • Offboarding
  • New hire forms
  • Employee records
  • Employee database creation
  • Mediation
  • Employee performance
  • Training
  • Orientation
  • Policy creation
  • Culture consulting 
  • Benefits
  • Work safety
  • Best practices
  • Terminations
  • Leadership consulting